The Parramatta Cup results can have great influence on punting decisions for months down the track. Although only a listed event, the Parramatta Cup draws some top talents, particularly in recent years.

Picking the Parramatta Cup results can be a tough affair, even for experienced punters and form experts. However, with a bit of close study and an understanding of the top contenders and jockeys you can have a fair crack at calling the Parramatta Cup winner.

Parramatta Cup winners since 2000 are provided below.

Parramatta Cup Winners

Year Winner
2017 Classic Uniform
2016 Arab Dawn
2015 Greatwood
2014 Opinion
2013 Pelicano
2012 Praecido
2011 Hawk Island
2010 Deltona
2009 Vision And Power
2008 Red Lord
2007 Silky Red Boxer
2006 Mi Casa
2005 Mooring’s Melody
2004 Restless
2003 Laguna Lake
2002 Kaapgun
2001 Primrose Sands
2000 Harmonia